2015 Holiday Gift Guide for a Newborn

There are certain ages that we find especially difficult when it comes to choosing an appropriate gift for birthdays or holidays.  Two specific ages shockingly are those itty bitty brand new babies – because mom probably just received about everything she needed for him or her at her baby shower or purchased on her own – and age one.  We will be posting a gift guide for the difficult one-year old soon, but in the meantime, for those of you who have a friend or relative who just or will be having a new, precious babe in the coming days or weeks… this gift guide is for you.  We like all the items on this list because there are certain items that he or she can grow with, while simultaneously still getting use out of them in their immobile newborn state, and also some that are really great for mom – because let’s be honest, this Christmas is for her, too.

  1. Cerro Bonete Taupe Set – $105 – Tea Collection
  2. Love Handle Rattle – $8.95 – The Land of Nod
  3. Giggle Better Basics Take Me Home Gift – $65.00 – Giggle Organic
  4. La Mer 3-Pack Wash Cloths – $20.00 – Aden + Anais; A Mommy Promotion FAVORITE!
  5. Silky Soft Dreams Blanket – $59.95 – Aden + Anais; A Mommy Promotion FAVORITE!
  6. Baby Book Gift Set – $49.00 – The Land of Nod
  7. Into the Wood Organic New Beginnings Set – $62.68 – $81.91 – Aden + Anais Organic
  8. Petite Crib Moccasins – $45.00 – Freshly Picked
  9. Earth Cadets One Piece – $28.00 – The Land of Nod
  10. Printed Cotton Play Mat – $99.00 – Restoration Hardware Kids
  11. Kate Quinn Hat Set – $44.00 – The Land of Nod; Organic  A Mommy Promotion FAVORITE!
  12. Personalized Bronze Molten Coin Necklace – $20-40 – Restoration Hardware Kids On Sale Today!

Kaytee and I are especially great fans of most Aden + Anais products, and given the amount of burby bibs, wash cloths, dream blankets, and swaddles we have, it really isn’t a surprise.  We always recommend these items, especially the dream blankets, as they are incredibly soft, safe, and large enough to grow with your child (even I find myself using them).  Having 4 of these blankets between us, we have witnessed one con: the organic versions do not wash as well as the originals or the silky blankets.  We aren’t exactly certain why this is, but the one organic blanket we do have has begun separating from its inner layers.  To be fair, this could be due to personal error perhaps when washing or drying the blanket, but the other three blankets do not do this, so just keep that in mind!

We really loved putting this list together because each and every item on here is something Kaytee and I both love, and most importantly, that we find great use for.  We hope those you are shopping for love them just as much as we do!  Happy Shopping!!


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