Baby and Toddler Colds

As I take a swig of DayQuil to deal with with my own cold, I realize that taking care of my children’s colds is not so easy.  Toddlers and infants are not afforded the luxury of two full isles at Walgreens lined with medicine promising to make the sniffles go away.  It just is not safe.  To make matters worse, an on-going cold can lead to ear infections or sinus infections.  I have tried everything to make my babies’ sniffles go away, and after a lot of trial and error (and money) I have achieved the best results a mother could hope for.  These are the steps I use so my children sleep soundly, and in effect, as do I.

How to identify a cold:

Determining a cold can be difficult, but look for a runny nose with clear, yellow, or green mucus.  Cough or low grade fever are also signs. I have noticed that my children still play and have fun even when combating a yucky cold.

Note: If you are unsure in the least take your child to the doctor.

A cold is a virus, which means it has to run its course, but here are the ways to make  Toddlers and Infants  more comfortable.

  1. Zarbees.– Okay I know that this is for coughs… but they have cough and MUCUS reducer medicine for infants and toddlers. Both taste like honey, even though they have grape and cherry flavors.  Just make sure you buy Infants for 12months and under which is made with agave instead of honey. This helps with the runny nose and the cough they get from drainage. Zarbee’s Infant with Mucus Reducer ; Zarbee’s Children with Mucus Reducer
  2. Hylands Cold Tablets This is a homeopathic remedy.  It is the same size and dissolves just as easily as teething tablets. It helps to ease the runny nose and sneezing.
  3. Saline and Suction.-  Tip your baby or toddler’s head back and spray over-the-counter saline (salt water) drops into his nostrils to loosen up the mucus. Then suction out the liquid and mucus a few minutes later with a nasal aspirator. I use the Nose Frida, but I also have an electric aspirator. For my infant I use the Nose Frida, but for my toddler I use the electric aspirator.  I can hand it to her and convince her to do it herself . It works every time with no tears and no holding her down. You can also use lubrication around the nose to help reduce chafing. I use Burt’s Bee’s ointment because it has multiple uses.
  4. Essential Oil and Humidifier– This is my favorite step, and to be honest I use Lavender Essential oil every night in my kids’ rooms. I place a few drops in the humidifier for rest and relaxation. When they are sick I add a few drops of Peppermint Essential oil to the mix. I also place one drop on the soles of their feet and rub it in, as well as allowing them to breathe it in off my hands afterward. It is a great way to end the night.

I hope that these tips help and ease your little ones…. I use some of these remedies as well:)


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