Favorite Store Bought Organic Snacks for Baby – 8 mo+

If you haven’t noticed by now, I opt for organic foods when it comes to my family, especially my son.  His breakfast, lunch and dinner are all comprised of natural, non-gmo, organic produce, poultry, yogurt, etc., so naturally, the snacks I give him are no different.  Granted, several of these items can be given to your babes as early as they are crawling, they still make their way onto my list of favorite organic snacks even now that Kaden is 9 months old to take with us whenever we are on the go – they are convenient, nutritious, and equally as important – my son enjoys them.  Remember to always use discretion when choosing foods for your specific, special, little person – you know better than anyone else just how well your child can chew (or gum) different foods, and these snacks are no different when choosing which to feed them.

You can find nearly all of these items at your local grocery store, Target, Whole Foods, etc., but I often turn to Amazon (Prime – who doesn’t love that 2 day shipping?) or Costco for a better deal.

Here are my FAVORITE Organic, Non-Gmo, Store-Bought Baby Snacks:

  • Happy Baby Organic Teethers in Blueberry & Purple Carrot; Sweet Potato & Banana
    • Obviously these are dual purposed: a yummy snack, and a baby’s sweet relief for teething pain.  Either way: Win, Win.
  • Happy Baby Yogis
    • I find myself stealing these right out of the bag myself sometimes.  They are essentially freeze-dried yogurt that melt right in your babe’s mouth.  Plus, they are made with all organic yogurt and fruit – delicious.
  • StonyField yobaby Organic Yogurt
    • All of StonyField’s organic yogurts for babies, toddlers and kids are all a win for both Kaytee and I’s kids.  The greatest thing about the yobaby series, is that each individual yogurt contains DHA, live active cultures, added Vitamin D, and all organic ingredients.  Any day I give these to Kaden is a day I don’t have to worry if he hasn’t eaten the food I’ve given him with his Vitamin D drops or Probiotic mixed in – it’s a sure fire way to know that he is still getting a little bit of both of those immune-boosting supplements.
  • One Degree Organic Foods, Ancient Grain O’s Cereal
    • I am not a fan of General Mills, as they are huge supporters of federal legislation consumers have dubbed the “DARK” act (“Denying American the Right to Know”).  The right to know what?  Whether or not you and your children’s food contains genetically modified ingredients (if you aren’t privy to this insane and corrupt legislation, click here).  To me, any food company that is in favor of this Act is a HUGE red flag, and I would be skeptical of exactly what they are putting into their foods that they don’t want us, the consumers, to know about.  If you don’t know where I’m going with this, think Cheerios.  Thousands of moms turn to Cheerios as a baby-friendly snack to take on the go.  General Mills makes Cheerios.  Therefore, The Mommy Promotion does not promote the use of Cheerios as a snack-worthy option for our kids.  If you want a little more clarity on this particular subject, take a look at the ingredients comparison between Cheerios in 1945 vs. what Cheerios are made with today:  1945 Ingredients: oat flour, salt, sugar, sodium phosphate, malted wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron, niacin, thiamine (Vitamin B1), and riboflavin. 2015 Ingredients: whole grain oats (includes oat bran), modified corn starch, sugar, salt, tripotassium phophate, wheat starch, vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) added to preserve freshness.  Not quite the same “good-for-you” ingredients.  On the other hand, One Degree Organic Foods is an amazing company that I have just recently discovered, and their Ancient Grain O’s Cereal is similar to those popularly deceptive O’s you typically see in the grocery store, but a whole lot healthier for your kiddos – plus, no GMOs… EVER.
  • Happy Family HappyPuffs
    • There are a lot of baby “puffs” on the market, several that are even organic, but Happy Family is my favorite.  In addition, the superfood puffs contain a healthy dose of vegetables, are gluten free, and offer plenty of other added nutrition.
  • Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars
    • These can be a choking hazard for your babies if they aren’t used to chewing on stickier substances, so advance with caution.  These yummy fig bars are Non-GMO verified, and contain recognizable ingredients.  I break off pieces for Kaden and he walks around the living room gumming it down.  I love them, he loves them… makes for a happy snack we can enjoy together.  I searched on Amazon for a good deal on these, but the best place to get them is still Costco.
  • Organic Fruit
    • This is pretty much a no-brainer, but it is something you can get in the grocery store.  I, of course, still used our Fruit & Veggie Spray on any fruit we buy, regardless of whether or not it is organic.  Organic blueberries are easy to tote around, plus they can be cut in half for easier chewing if you are concerned that your little one may choke.  In addition, organic bananas, mango, peaches, etc. are all yummy options for your little one – just be sure to clean, chop, and remove any skin before giving to your precious ones!

I can honestly say that I trust all of these options for my son, as well as my niece and nephew.  Feel confident that you are giving your baby good-for-you, organic foods for them to snack on in between feedings!


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