Last Minute Valentines

If it was not for my daughter’s school calling today and asking what I planned on bringing for the Valentines Day Party, I would have failed… on an epic scale. Valentines day is NEXT week, right? Yeah… Sunday or something. Why wouldn’t we celebrate it Monday then? Wait…… Didn’t I see this on my daughter’s school calendar?….. WHERE IS THE CALENDAR? Next, just visualize me running around the house, pulling papers out from every nook and cranny, opening drawers, cabinets, going through my daughter’s back pack. Do you want to know where mommy dearest left it? The car. 45 minutes later I am looking at her calendar and VALENTINE’S DAY PARTY is in bold red caps under tomorrow’s date.

Didn’t I plan on being super mom for the momentous occasion of my first child’s school Valentines day party? I know that I saved a ton of links on Facebook and Pinterst… well the reality was that I was out of time to make cutesy heart shaped doo-dahs. Oh… and I need to bring some sort of snack. So fast forward to around 5:00pm and after a ton of more pressing matters, I entered the pearly gates of Target. I have to add in that once I entered Target I did not go straight to my pink and red destination. I meandered through the lovely aisles and filled my cart with everything but valentines for my daughter’s classroom. Once I finally reached the reason I was in the store, I could not believe the slim pickings. May I point out that Valentines day is NEXT WEEK.

I wanted to do something a tad healthier. The aisle was full of valentines day Boom Chicka Pop individual bags. Pretty and pink with hearts on it. Non-GMO and four simple ingredients; Popcorn, sunflower oil, dried cane sugar, and sea salt. Done and done. It’s in the cart (along with the rest of the store.) Okay, now for my childhood throwback. Valentines day cards!!!! So… I missed the boat on those too.  All  that was left was some draw on me cards or some press on tattoo’s. I went with any 2 year old girls Disney Junior obsession and Sofia it was.

This wasn’t the normal 4card, perforated, everyone is different valentines day card. These came with a stick that you rubbed on the card and colors came out as you scribble all over it. Moms, I am sorry about giving your kids small sticks. Please, forgive me.

I figured when I got home I would just forgo my plans of valentine’s day mom ‘SUPERSTAR’ and tape the card to the bag of popcorn and wham bam thank you ma’am… Valentines day cards. So, here we are. It’s amazing what we as parents have laying around the house. A  hole punch and some left over ribbon from my daughter’s  first birthday party, and I somehow saved my mom reputation.


  1. Any last minute valentines snack. I used popcorn, but I also saw pretzels and fruit snacks.
  2. Any type of valentines day card. You could make your own.
  3. Hole punch
  4. Scissors
  5. Ribbon (string, rope, anything laying around)




Fill out the TO and FROM part on the back of the cards before starting. It’s VPK so I just wrote To: You From: Izzy on every card. Cut the string to desired length. Mine was a bit longer than anticipated. About 4 inches. Hole punch the card in the top corner of the card.



I used the pre-cut hole from the popcorn and tied the ribbon through the card and simply knotted it once. So the kids could take it apart. It is just as simple to hole punch any snack if desired and tie the card to it as well.



BOOM! Done and Done!!!!!! So, it wasn’t my pre- Pinterest, printed out cards with maybe some melted down crayons to make heart shaped crayons. Or some funny little cards with matching snack, but I think it turned out just as nice. It goes to show that as parents we do run out of time to do these things, and we still make it happen. So… Onward bound to whatever is left on the shelves!!!!!!!

Good Luck!

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