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For the past 9 or so months, I have slowly been stashing all of Kaden’s old clothes into old diaper boxes in the deepest corners of my walk-in closet.  I’ve kept all of them because I plan to have more kids, and if I am lucky enough to have a second, and that second is also a darling baby boy, well, I wouldn’t mind using most of Kaden’s hand-me-downs – given baby boy number 2 happens within the next decade where said hand me downs are still cute.

I recently began organizing a lot of our items as we get ready to move into a new house, and those diaper boxes overflowing with baby clothes reminded me that I really needed to work my way through all those tiny onesies, layettes, and little newborn socks and hats – as well as all the memories.  It’s amazing how quickly your little ones grow up, and it’s even more amazing how much stuff is accumulated in less than 10 months during the first year of your tiny human’s life.


My husband had a few plastic bins he didn’t need anymore that were perfect for storing all of Kaden’s clothes.  I organized them according to all the clothing sizes Kaden has grown into and out of thus far.  I began by sorting all of my son’s clothes, socks, hats, shoes, etc. by size – in our case, since my son is now 10 months old and is currently wearing 12 month clothing, we have 4 current bins, one for newborn wear, a second for 0-3 months, a third for 3-6 months, and lastly, one for 6-9 months.  All of the clothing had previously been washed prior to being placed in their temporary holding zones in my closet, and luckily, most had been grouped together in their corresponding sizes as my baby grew out of them, but others that he grew out of quicker or could fit into longer, need to be sorted out of other boxes.


After working my way through all of the items, and an hour and half of fending off said child from ripping down all of my neatly folded piles of clothing numerous times, I wanted to ensure that I knew exactly which clothes were in which box easily without tearing through multiple bins checking tags if need arose.  Each bin was carefully organized with shirts in one stack, pajamas in another, pants/shorts at another corner, etc.  I’ve learned that I am a very visual person, and I didn’t want to just take a Sharpie marker to these cute green and blue plastic containers, but rather I opted to create cute little decals with the corresponding sizes to stick to the sides of the containers for easy readability.



I buy a lot of Kaden’s clothing from Baby Gap, so I did make a decal that reads 6-12 months, as that is a size guide for the Gap’s clothing – he does still fit into a lot of that clothing, so I have a feeling those clothes are going to get a bin of their own once he has grown out of all of those items (the other 6-9 month clothing I’ve stored away is mostly from places like Carter’s, Oshkosh-B’gosh, Gymboree, and Cherokee (hashtag Target)).

It’s easy to see that I am a big fan of the color blue. I’m definitely drawn to very simple, clean, and classic designs in pretty much every aspect of my life, so these labels were no different when I went to make them and ended up with a bunch of blue and white variations.  I find that they are gender neutral (if you even care about that when it comes to simply smacking a label on a plastic bin of currently unusable clothing), but if you’d like for me to create some pink or other color items, please feel free to reach out to me!  I really love to play around in Photoshop… (most days).

If you are like me, and are looking to organize your baby’s clothes with a cute twist, simply click on the PDF files below.


CLICK HERE - Newborn - 12 Month Decals

CLICK HERE – Newborn – 12 Month Decals

Baby Clothes Organizer Decals (2)

CLICK HERE – 6 Month – 18 Month Decals

You can use these a couple different ways:

  1. Print on normal printer paper, cut out individual circles, and use tape to stick the decal/label to your container of choice OR
  2. Print labels on sticker paper, cut along circle, and stick to container.


You could even get fancy and laminate these bad boys; whatever way you choose to use these, know that not only will your babe’s old clothes be safely stashed away in their plastic homes, but that they will all be easily identifiable when you go to reach for them for another baby along the way – whether it be yours, a family member’s, of friends… or if you are feeling charitable, a perfect stranger!

If you are looking for another range of decals/labels, please leave a comment below 🙂


NOTE: I do not own the patterns and designs on each decal.
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