Beachy and Clean; Nursery Wall Art

I couldn’t help but write a quick blog post about the beautifully, adorable prints I recently purchased on to hang above my son’s crib in his room.  There are literally thousands of gorgeous, fun, silly, dark, colorful, you-name-it pieces of art on the site from artists all over the country; from photography, typography, drawings to beautiful, foil-pressed art pieces, there are so many amazing things to choose from.


My style is relatively simple as it relates to my son’s room:  it’s beachy with a focus on being clean, elegant AND fun all at once.  Elegance in a little boy’s nursery?  Because isn’t your infant’s room or nursery really for you, anyway?  Come on.  I’ve focused on using grey and white backgrounds, with different hues of blue and driftwood-resembling elements, so when I sought after art to hang above his crib, I knew it needed to be all those colors mixed into one (or three different) piece(s).  

I learned about Minted from my sister who has purchased from the site before (as a bonus, you get 10% off just for signing up!).  I searched through hundreds of prints, until I found one in particular that I thought would be perfect in his room.  I immediately knew I needed more than one print, so I chose to peruse the artist’s shop on the site where I subsequently located the perfect other two prints to go along with the first piece of perfection I found.

I chose three beautiful prints from an artist named Chelsey Scott, and let’s just talk about what a big deal this is – I mean, I can barely make decisions on the big pieces of furniture in my home, let alone choose decorative elements to speak to my taste.  But little kids’ rooms are just so fun, and these prints were simply too perfect to pass up.



Needless to say, I’m pretty obsessed.  Minted is really cool because they offer their prints in several different sizes, and even allow you to customize them with monogramming or a frame of your choosing.  I opted to buy sleek, white frames that were a bit cheaper on Amazon (the 11×14″ frames were $6.61, and they’re awesome!  Find them here!) , and I am absolutely in love with the way that these turned out.  They are exactly what I was hoping to find, and I already have so many ideas for my next purchase!

So in the spirit of finding such amazing, beautiful and cute artwork for my son’s clean and beachy-themed room, I thought I would link a few prints below from the Minted site of other artwork that would be absolutely adorable in another oceanic nursery!  If you’ve been searching for beach-like art, with a bit of abstract- and elegant-touches, look no further!


  1. Swim by Julie Song Ink
  2. Oceanic by Leslie M. Ward
  3. Uneasy by Chelsey Scott
  4. Collected by Kiana Mosley
  5. Cascade by Kelly Ventura 
  6. Sun & Sea by Chelsey Scott
  7. Out to Sea I by Chelsey Scott
  8. Under Water by Chelsey Scott
  9. Tide by Chelsey Scott
  10. Waiting, Malibu 2012 by  by Annie Seaton
  11. Wind & Water by Cathy Moynihan
  12. Waiting for Swell, 2010 by Annie Seaton
  13. Waves from Above by Chelsey Scott

As you can see, I included a lot of prints by Chelsey Scott – since I’ve already bought three beautiful prints from her, I was pretty enamored with her art.  But to be totally honest, there are SO many amazingly, elegant, beach-like prints on it’s kind of crazy.  As I was scouring the site for one of the above prints that I had forgotten to take note of, I found SO many additional prints that would even be beautiful if you wanted your little girl’s nursery to be beachy, but with more of a pink tone.  The great thing about is you can set filters as you search through the thousands of prints on the website – so if those were things you wanted, simply check the Beach filter and the pink filter, and I promise you will see what I am talking about!

Here’s a couple photos of Kaytee’s son Archer’s nursery – you’ll see number 10 and 12 hanging up on his wall!  She actually purchased her prints from West Elm, which goes to show just how many talented and wonderful artists you can find on the Minted website – and purchase from home!

beach-themed-nursery-elegant-clean-the-mommy-promotion-minted-prints-baby-and-kids_surf beach-themed-nursery-elegant-clean-the-mommy-promotion-minted-prints-baby-and-kids_surfers

Happy Decorating!






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