Fall Must Haves for Babies & Toddlers

Lately, I have found myself swooning over so many baby and toddler items for the autumn season that I couldn’t keep from sharing them with you all.  I actually find that most of them are actually more essentials (with the exception of one or two – and a cute fox) for the cooler weather – not to mention, the flu season.  So if you’re looking for any must have items for this fall or even winter, look to my Fall Favorites list for a beginner’s guide to surviving the season, while also making your babes look super cute ;).

1. Nordstrom Baby Footie | 2. Crane Air ‘Drop’ Humidifier | 3. Hudson Jeans Twill Pant | 4. Sperry Kids ‘Cruz Jr.’ Slip-On Boat Shoe | 5. Gap Baby Cozy Star Zip Hoodie (Sold Out 🙁 See jacket below!)| 6. Janie & Jack Quilted Herringbone Vest | 7. Star Cotton Sweater | 8. Earth Mama Angel Baby Calming Lavender Lotion | 9. Petit Bateau Embroidered Beanie | 10. Aden + Anais Flannel Muslin Blanket | 11. The Honest Company Mountain Deer Diapers (Get $20 off your first bundle HERE!) | 12. Tucker + Tate Tiered Ruffle Dress | 13. Heart Graphic Body Suit Set (Sold out 🙁 See similar style below!)| 14. Forest Flair Fox Stuffed Animal | 15. The Honest Company Breathe Easy Rub | 16. Classic Dot Moccasins in Cobblestone

If you’re curious why these are not only my favorite items at the moment, but why I also see them as Autumn staples, then feel free to read on… 

  1. Footie pajamas always tend to make their way back into the home around this time of the year – it’s cooler outside (maybe even freezing depending on where you live – we live in Florida… 60 degrees and below is cold for us), and keeping your baby warm at night without having to turn the heat on just yet, is pretty essential.   These footie pajamas are perfect for that, and they are crazy cute.  Use alongside #10 for best results ;).
  2. Humidifiers.  I don’t know about your surrounding areas, but where we are, EVERYONE is sick.  It’s actually quite unsettling, but in all honesty, it simply comes with the cooler weather.  Keep your little one’s noses and throats clear at night with this Crane Air ‘Drop’ Humidifier.  Kaden has had a cough and runny nose for a week now, and this bright blue device allows him to sleep soundly with a few drops of organic lavender oil added in!
  3. I found these Hudson chinos on sale, and was immediately obsessed.  Aside from owning a couple great pairs of baby denim (Gap Baby has the best!) for the season, some cute khakis go a long way to dressing up your little guy (also in a grey-blue).  They fit my chunky legged 19 month old perfect, too!
  4. Another staple in Kaden’s otherwise everyday autumnal attire are these Sperry Boat Shoes.  Super easy to slip on.  Super cute.  They keep his toes warm (not too warm), and they just so happen to be the only pair of shoes he reaches for these days.  If he’s not ripping his shoes off, I’m a happy mama.
  5. I truly love Baby Gap for so many things.  Their jeans are fantastic for all their age ranges; their pajama sets are not only adorable, but practical; their sweaters are fabulous and great quality; and their outerware is EVERYTHING.  Kaden has a few hoodies for the Fall since it’s not too cold out yet, and they are so comfortable and cozy – it’s an easy accessory to keep on hand in case the temperature drops during the day.  This particular Star Hoodie is just too cute for words. #favorite.
  6. Janie & Jack is yet another brand both Kaytee and I swoon over on the regular, and when I saw this Herringbone Quilted Vest, I knew it had to be a staple in Izzy’s wardrobe (my niece, that is).  Last season, Kaytee dressed her in a lot of J&J’s riding pants, and this little vest not only matches the ensemble this year, but also keeps her little body warm enough in this autumn weather.
  7. This Star Sweater is not only adorable, but warm enough for a cool night or day.  It’s also quite simple to my taste, and my favorite colors to dress my kid in.  A good quality sweater is key during the Autumn season, especially as the Fall turns to Winter.
  8. I’ve used this lotion since Kaden was a newborn.  If you haven’t picked up on it yet, Earth Mama Angel Baby is my favorite organic baby brand for hygiene, and for good reason: their ingredients are 0% toxic, 100% organic, and they are 100% effective.  I noticed Kaden was getting a couple dry patches on his face (he has his mama’s skin), and I knew that it had a lot to do with the fact that the cooler weather was drying up his skin.  I rub this lotion on his face and body after his baths at night, and in the morning – no more dry skin.  An essential here in our home.
  9. Every little guy or girl needs a practical and effective beanie in the Fall to keep their sweet little heads warm – especially during the cool nights.  This Petit Bateau hat meets all my requirements and more.
  10. If I don’t love enough brands that I’ve already discussed in this post, let’s add another: Aden + Anais.  We already love their dream blankets for both my son and Kaytee’s two children for bedtime, and now that they have these extra-soft flannel muslin blankets we almost don’t know what to do with ourselves.  These are BRAND NEW to their line, and an obvious must have if not for the Fall, then definitely for the winter to keep your babes warm and snug as they dream at night.
  11. Why Diapers?  Because the new Honest Company Holiday Collection is adorable beyond compare.  If you choose to bundle, you can get these babies in more than one of their cute prints in time for the entire Christmas season (and you can get $20 off your first bundle!)
  12. Little girls, no matter what age, need a good long-sleeved dress in the fall that they can wear with tights or leggings and a good pair of boots, moccasins or ballerina flats.  We love this navy, ruffle dress from Tucker + Tate – it has the same style as a little girl’s sweater dress, but not nearly as warm: perfect Autumn attire.
  13. I’ll admit it that I have, in the past, always disliked babies in black.  Something about dressing a beautiful new baby in such a dark color just didn’t seem right to me, but how wrong I was!  With so many new swaddling blankets, nursery bedding sets, and the like in fashionable black and white prints, I have found a new love for this duo.  Not to mention – my kiddo looks quite good in this dark color if I do say so.  This little Heart and Striped Pant Set from Nordstrom is what every little girl needs to keep comfortable and warm in the fall.
  14. I’ve been pretty in love with any and all of these styled woodland, stuffed creatures since I started shopping for baby items, and this new fox from The Land of Nod is simply too sly and cute not to mention as a favorite.  I’ll take him any season.
  15. This Honest Company Breathe Easy Organic Rub is the perfect substitute for that “other brand” everyone used to use on their child’s chest when they are congested.  Along with the humidifier, this gentle rub will help your child sleep well through the night if they have the common autumn cold.  
  16. Classic Dot is a sweet, baby moccasin shop online with many amazing moccs in several adorable colors.  They are made of genuine leather, and the best part of all is that they are only $35 a pair!  If you are patient enough, Nicole, the designer and owner, often puts different colors on sale for limited times – as if the price point wasn’t great enough.  Little moccasins are a perfect, comfortable shoe choice for the Fall, and we absolutely adore this Cobblestone color for the season.

Tired yet?  16 favorites is a lot, but many of these things are simply Fall Staples between both Kaytee and I’s homes.  And if you didn’t have time to get them for this season, well they are perfect right up and into winter (unless you live somewhere super cold… then, I’m sorry.  I’m from Florida and that is my excuse).

Happy Shopping, and Happy Fall!


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