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When my son Archer was born, I made the initial choice to have my 16 month-old daughter and he share a room. This unfortunately did not work for very long, and my husband and I made the decision to split them up. One of the reasons I was so hesitant to split them was for money reasons;  I really I did not want to spend money on new furniture, decorations and everything else that comes with doing a baby room.  As I looked around my home, however, I realized what I already had: furniture, decorations, curtains and basically everything else I needed the whole time – I just was not paying attention.

We had already transitioned my daughter from her crib to a toddler bed, so that was an obvious given that her Serena and Lily crub would take center stage in his room.  In addition, I always prided myself on buying nice furniture that would last, and for the most part, stay in style. My college bedroom furniture (the dresser and nightstand) became my guest room furniture, and now is my son’s. With some new paint it looks amazing.

Check out this, and the next few posts, to see how I only spent $200 on my son’s nursery! 

Here is how I took an old, worn, wood-stained dresser and nightstand, to become fresh, clean, and beautiful staple bedroom pieces!


Step 1.– Gather everything you need.



  1. Paint- Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Interior- Water Based Acrylic – Semi Gloss- Color: 6255 Morning Fog 
  2. Primer- Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3
  3. Sandpaper- 400 grit
  4. Paintbrush – I prefer nylon-based paintbrushes. (Not shown)
  5. Roller – Small foam roller
  6. Screwdriver – Depends on hardware 
  7. Small roller paint tray (not shown) 

Step 2 – Take off any hardware, and place it into a bag so it will not be lost. 


Step 3. For both the dresser and the nightstand, I took out the drawers first. Then I lightly sanded every part of the wood that needed to be painted. This part adds texture to the wood, so that the paint adheres to the furniture – so be sure to get every inch! 


Step 4. – I used the foam roller to prime the surfaces that would need paint. I did not paint the inside or the back of my pieces. I used the brush to cut-in where the roller could not get to. As you can see, my primer is patchy. I did not do more than one coat. When finished with the primer – let dry completely. I live in Florida so the air is humid. I let this dry for 24 hours, but the primer dries very quickly if you are painting inside. 

Step 5. – Start painting with your color paint. I painted the body of each piece first, and I started using my nylon brush and cutting-in all of the hard to reach areas. With the acrylic based paint the lines will slowly flatten out. Then I used the roller starting on the sides and finishing with the top. Make sure that when painting you keep the lines all facing one direction.

While the paint was drying, I started on the drawers the same way. Both pieces needed two coats and needed at least a week to fully dry. When painting furniture, do not rush to place items on it. You may think it is dry, but it’s not. Trust me! You do not want to keep adding paint because it will not look flush. 


Step 6. – Once completely dry, put all of your hardware back on your furniture. I did not paint or purchase new hardware for my pieces, but you certainly could to give the piece even more of a custom design. I personally did not think my pieces needed new hardware, but before you purchase hardware, just make sure that you buy the right size. 

Step 7. – Accessorize and admire! 



Want to see the completed transformation?  Link here!

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