Archer’s Room – Mirror DIY

As I mentioned before, while re-doing my son’s room I tried to use as many things I had in my house as possible so I could save money. As long as I had had my old furniture, I had this mirror as well. If anyone knows me at all… I honestly can only decorate with mirrors. It’s a bad habit of mine (I have a lot of mirrors). While I was picking out paint for my son’s room I found this new spray paint called Plutonium. It was the color that struck me, so I said… “why not! Let’s add some color to his room!” This project is super quick, and this spray paint dried in minutes. No joke. 

Here is what you’ll need to do to take an old mirror to awesome:


Step 1. Gather your tools.

  1. Paper  to cover floor and mirror.
  2. Painter’s tape
  3. Plutonium Spray Paint 
  4. Mirror

Step 2. 

Cover the floor. I had to tape it down. Then use the painter’s tape to get as much under the frame of the mirror taping the inside perimeter. 


Step 3. Tape the paper on to the top of the mirror to prevent over spray on the mirror itself. Tape the perimeter well. 


Step 4. Spray paint from a distance in long, even strokes to cover the whole frame. I started on the outside of the frame, and then finished with the top. This spray paint had a dry texture feel, so when dry you need to wipe off the excess dust. I had to spray the mirror with two coats, but it looks wonderful in my son’s room. The paint is more of a matte finish, so it gives a more masculine feel to the room. 


It’s as easy that!  Enjoy your new creation!

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