5 Trending Baby & Mommy Items We Love | 2017

I vividly remember being pregnant with my first son and simply falling in love with every baby thing that crossed my computer screen.  I was, although, very particular on brands I wanted – as I suppose most mommies-to-be probably are.  I had to have the top-of-the-line everything, and I spared no expense to give my baby all that I believed was the best.

This time around, being pregnant with baby BOY number 2, I have pretty much everything I need for his arrival: bins and bins of baby clothes I saved as Kaden grew out of them, bouncers, rockers, bottles, play mats, crib, pack-n-play, swaddles, baby bag… you name it, I have it.  There really isn’t much I need to go out and purchase, and having another boy has made that statement even more true: I’m saving a LOT of money on new clothes, and boy-specific items.

I’ll admit that I had hoped for a girl this time around.  I had my bouncy, wild, blonde-haired, blue-eyed little mama’s boy, and I was content with our relationship as mother and son.  He’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to both my husband and I, and I felt as though a little girl would be a great way to round us out as a family, and also give my husband a much needed daddy’s girl.  And as a nesting pregnant lady, let’s not forget to mention all the adorable little girl things that exist in this world that are just waiting to be purchased: cute, pink, girly clothes, dolls, nursery blankets and crib sheets, shoes, bows… oh my goodness, those bow-makers on Etsy really know their stuff… and I can promise you that I am no juvenile when it comes to shopping for baby things, or really, shopping for anything in general. 

In any case, another little boy means I don’t have to worry about all those cute little girl things in the world.  No new clothes need to bought, no floral or flamingo printed swaddles or blankets (yes, I had loved a few of these specifics).  I have been gifted some cute new outfits from family, and I’m in the process of buying his coming home outfit so that it’s special to him, and when the time comes I will probably buy him new crib sheets, but for now, there just isn’t much that we need to get for his arrival. 

But I can tell you one thing: there are things that I WANT. 

And that I want quite desperately. 

Items that I have seen scroll across my social media one too many times to feed that lust even more deeply.  The only thing I question is whether I truly need them, or if I am simply falling into the hype.  So many of these items have the most amazing reviews, and I may indeed end up purchasing them in the end, but I just haven’t swallowed that pill yet, because I am just not sure if I need to spend the money.

What do you think of these super-popular and trendy baby and mommy items?  Are they really worth the money?  I don’t know, but right now, I am absolutely swooning over them 🙂

Here are 5 Baby Items I REALLY want, but haven’t bit the bullet and purchased yet for baby #2:

No. 1: Let’s just go ahead and start with the one that I’m sure everyone was assuming would be on this list, because it has pretty much been everywhere you turn in the land of baby as of lately.  The DockaTot: a super baby co-sleeping device meant to mimic the womb and leave your baby somber and peaceful throughout the night or during nap time, all while measuring up to safety standards for breathable material for your little one.  Ugh, it just sounds amazing, and of course it’s number one of the list of things I want for baby boy #2, but with the price tag it carries, I’m just not sure it’s not anything my Halo Bassinest can’t handle for my little guy at night… although, it would really save me any stress of falling asleep with baby in the bed during those late night feedings… Plus, I’m seriously obsessed with this cover – it’s pretty much everything.

No. 2:  The Owlet Baby Monitor.  Now for any moms with a newborn baby (or a two month old, six month old, 10 month old…), the idea of SIDS is simply a constant fear every time we put our babies down to sleep.  This little device calms so many worries while your baby sleeps, while constantly checking baby’s oxygen and heart rate, and keeping you in the know of how they are doing at all times.  This item also carries a steep price tag, but can you really put a price on peace of mind?  On the other hand, I did make it through my son’s first year of life no problem.

No. 3:  This one is for me.  I need a new diaper bag given that my son thinks his potty is just for relaxing on, rather than peeing or pooping into, and I’m going to have two children to accommodate diapers and other baby-related items for, rather than only one – snacks, wipes, extra socks, shoes, cups, bottles – all the loot a small child could possibly need or want to avoid meltdowns in public.  These Fawn Design Bags are absolutely adorable in my mind.  I already use a backpack – the Kate Spade Kennedy Park Neko Backpack – which is by no design a baby bag, but I found perfectly perfect and easy with one child.  Now that I am to have two, I really wanted a bigger bag with more space – and backpacks are so the way to go with children.  But do I need to spend $146-$160 on a new diaper bag?  Maybe if my husband wants his wife to continue to be a chic mommy… 😉

No. 4:  Well, if this Itovi Scanner isn’t the fanciest little gadget around, I don’t know what is.  If you’re into using essential oils to help soothe all sorts of ailments for your little babe – from colds to teething pains – this scanner is pretty amazing at pinpointing exactly what it is that your little one needs, without having to guess.  It’s scientifically proven to show what it is your body needs – in terms of essential oils.  Think your baby is teething, but you aren’t completely sure they’re not just gassy?  Itovi can tell you if baby is needing clove oil for their teeth.  Pretty crazy.  And  also a pretty crazy price tag. Yet, I still really want it. Read about it here.

No. 5:  The UPPABaby Vista Double Stroller Set – I already have three strollers.  And they are all high-quality, amazing strollers.  But they are made for one child, and one child only.  I know that I will eventually need a double stroller for both growing boys to cruise around in, but do I really need one while baby boy #2 is an infant?  Kaden HATED the entire idea of baby-wearing, but maybe this baby won’t and I can wear little boy number 2 while simultaneously strolling Kaden around in one of the three existing strollers I already have?  This stroller is seriously amazing, and it’s compatible with both infant car seats I already have, but I don’t know if I need a $1,000 stroller for my boys, when one is already on the move… but I want it.


Anyone else lusting over any one of these baby items?  I seriously want each one so badly, but I just haven’t gotten up the nerve to purchase any of them quite yet!  Let me know what you think!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the product images; they all come from their original source, as indicated in the blog content.
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