About Us

IMG_3751We are two sisters who are both highly competitive and enjoy, more than one should, working. After becoming highly successful in our designated fields we found ourselves pregnant at the same time. Beth was living in California and Kaytee in Florida when a series of events, both good and bad, we found ourselves living under the same roof.

Loving motherhood, but yearning to continue in the work force, we came to the conclusion that we had been given the promotion of motherhood. Thus, creating The Mommy Promotion.

Beth is married and has one beautiful son named Kaden. She loves to cook, eat healthy, go to the beach, and loves all things health and beauty. AKA a makeup guru.

Kaytee is married and has two children, Izzy and Archer. She loves to travel, has a passion for all things Japanese and Disney, and is a huge foodie.

Both are pro non- GMO, clean eating and enjoy a daily (most days, necessary) glass of wine.


Photos by: she consulting group