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Banana Coconut Muffins

Muffins.  Pretty much a favorite breakfast treat of mine for, oh, I don’t know, the last 28 years of my life (maybe a few years shy… I did at one point have very few teeth).  When I was pregnant with Kaden, my husband and I lived near an amazing farmer’s market that brought in the most delicious, jumbo muffins every Sunday.  So, naturally, every Sunday I put on a pot of coffee, walked down to the farmer’s market, purchased two mega-muffins, and indulged with my cup-o-joe.

Being pregnant round two, I’ve have had an inkling to make my own muffins as a quick, and easy to grab on-the-go breakfast option for those mornings we are feeling especially rushed.  Also, I’ve found that at almost seven months pregnant, my appetite has finally caught up to me, and I basically wake up starving each morning… so a yummy, pre-made anything is something of my pregnant lady dreams come morning.  

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5 Trending Baby & Mommy Items We Love | 2017

I vividly remember being pregnant with my first son and simply falling in love with every baby thing that crossed my computer screen.  I was, although, very particular on brands I wanted – as I suppose most mommies-to-be probably are.  I had to have the top-of-the-line everything, and I spared no expense to give my baby all that I believed was the best.

This time around, being pregnant with baby BOY number 2, I have pretty much everything I need for his arrival: bins and bins of baby clothes I saved as Kaden grew out of them, bouncers, rockers, bottles, play mats, crib, pack-n-play, swaddles, baby bag… you name it, I have it.  There really isn’t much I need to go out and purchase, and having another boy has made that statement even more true: I’m saving a LOT of money on new clothes, and boy-specific items.

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Archer’s Completed Room; DIY Beach-Themed Boy’s Nursery for Under $200!

I am finally finishing my post about the major transformation of my son’s room. I originally wanted my children to share a room until we added on to our house; however, that did not work out. I was so stressed out about spending money on another room. I wish I could explain why I did not think about painting my old furniture or simply moving some items from my other area’s of the house – I will never know.  The good news is I finally figured out that I could do this and make a beautiful nursery.

We re-used several items from my daughter’s nursery like the crib, rocker, curtains and a few accessories. And then we updated the furniture by painting it a blue-gray that matched the bedding we chose perfectly. Lamps came from the old guest room, as did the mirror that we updated. My mother made the pillows out of some fabric I had lying around.

The photos we hung in his room were meant to be in our living room, then moved to the kid’s shared room, and then they set the theme for Archer’s own room. It is amazing what I found lying around the house to make a complete room. The biggest win for me though was keeping my daughter’s furniture unisex and classic. I also really love Ikea, as I get all of my frames, book shelves, and bins from there.

Archer's Room Guide

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Archer’s Room – Mirror DIY

As I mentioned before, while re-doing my son’s room I tried to use as many things I had in my house as possible so I could save money. As long as I had had my old furniture, I had this mirror as well. If anyone knows me at all… I honestly can only decorate with mirrors. It’s a bad habit of mine (I have a lot of mirrors). While I was picking out paint for my son’s room I found this new spray paint called Plutonium. It was the color that struck me, so I said… “why not! Let’s add some color to his room!” This project is super quick, and this spray paint dried in minutes. No joke. 

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Archer’s Room – Furniture DIY

When my son Archer was born, I made the initial choice to have my 16 month-old daughter and he share a room. This unfortunately did not work for very long, and my husband and I made the decision to split them up. One of the reasons I was so hesitant to split them was for money reasons;  I really I did not want to spend money on new furniture, decorations and everything else that comes with doing a baby room.  As I looked around my home, however, I realized what I already had: furniture, decorations, curtains and basically everything else I needed the whole time – I just was not paying attention.

We had already transitioned my daughter from her crib to a toddler bed, so that was an obvious given that her Serena and Lily crub would take center stage in his room.  In addition, I always prided myself on buying nice furniture that would last, and for the most part, stay in style. My college bedroom furniture (the dresser and nightstand) became my guest room furniture, and now is my son’s. With some new paint it looks amazing.

Check out this, and the next few posts, to see how I only spent $200 on my son’s nursery! 

Here is how I took an old, worn, wood-stained dresser and nightstand, to become fresh, clean, and beautiful staple bedroom pieces!


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All Natural / Organic Belly Butters & Oils to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Being that I am well into my second trimester of my second pregnancy, my little bump has decided to make its appearance MUCH earlier than it did during my first.  I was more tone, athletic, and busy with my first pregnancy, so my growing baby didn’t really become noticeable until I was almost 7 months pregnant.  This time around has been a completely different ball game, and with a rather noticeable baby bump and extra itchy skin, I looked to an all-natural belly butter and oil to soothe the itch, and help prevent stretch marks this time around.

It’s important to note that it has been said that genetics plays the #1 role in whether or not you will develop stretch marks during your pregnancy: “If your mom or sister got them while they were pregnant, chances are you will, too.”  Heard that one?  Yeah, I’ve heard it enough as well.  It has also been noted that staying hydrated while pregnant (something we are supposed to do anyway – and, I am ashamed to say I am quite bad at) allows your skin to stretch easier.

I also believe that not gaining too much weight too quickly is also an important factor in whether or not you will develop stretch marks.  Unfortunately, that isn’t always in our hands when it comes to morning sickness, cravings, and, well, being pregnant in general – a girl gets hungry!  

In any case, a soothing belly butter or oil that is made to help prevent stretch marks, as well as ease itching discomfort, is well worth the extra effort in my opinion.  If not for the stretch marks – then definitely for the itching.

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Take Back Your Shower Time


Once upon a time, I had no children and I used to take long, very much needed showers. Boy, did I take that for granted. After I had my daughter, I went back to work full time. Overtime-full time if I am being honest. About 60-70 hours a week. My routine of showering was kept to a minimum of five minutes. I either got up in the morning and took a quick five minute shower or I took the same allotted 5 minute shower before I went to bed. No matter when I showered I swore I always heard crying. I was more paranoid than the lady in Psycho while in the shower. 

My daughter was only six months old when I was blessed with being pregnant again with my son. When my son was two weeks old tragedy struck. We had a house fire and we made the decision to move in to my parents home for six months. 

As tragic as a fire in our home was, having two children under two and one being a new born, plus being out of the stability of our home, its shocking to say that I was lucky. I had my parents to help me out with my kids, and this is where the love of taking a long exhilarating shower started all over again. 

No longer do I just “shower.” I become absorbed in the ten plus minutes of alone time. If one could not tell from our blog, we like a lot of things all natural. (Some… not so much.) But I am now soap obsessed. Even my husband is soap enchanted, and while doing everything we can to save money, we always have the means to purchase our favorite items. 

I am a tad Lush infatuated. I have good reason, though. Their products are made with all natural ingredients and safe synthetics. They care about the planet, charity, and they recycle. You can read about Lush’s Charity Pot, Charitable giving here. 

(Look for a future blog about me being recycling crazy.)

So here is the list!

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Fall Favorites & Must Haves for Women (& Mommies) 2016

As women, and as busy moms, Kaytee and I like a wide variety of items in our everyday mix of clothing, shoes, household goods, hygiene products, and more.  There is a balance between trying to dress for a day of taking your kids to the park and cleaning the entire house (not to mention 7 loads of laundry, cleaning up thrown food and drink particles, blow-outs, tempter tantrums… you get it), and actually maintaining your sense of self, and style.  Something my husband constantly tells me is, although I’m a mom, I can still be a ‘hot’ mom.  Seems nearly impossible most days, but as a 28 year-old, I do still like to dress up and do my makeup and try to act like I have my life together, even if we all really know that most days I’m walking around with my hair in a half wet messy bun, no makeup, workout clothes, and likely no bra.

1. ILY Couture Modera Watch in Grey | 2. BP. Fringe Trim Plaid Oblong Scarf | 3. Jeffrey Campbell ‘Cromwell’ Western Cutout Boot | 4. MAC ‘Warm Neutral Times 15’ Eyeshadow Palette | 5. TopShop Moto ‘Leigh’ Ripped Skinny Jeans | 6. Molton Brown Fabled Juniper Berries & Lapp Pine Fine Liquid Hand Wash | 7. Stuart Weitzman Highland Suede Over-the-Knee Boot | 8. Cristabelle Long Wrap Choker Necklace | 9. Ramy Brook Issa Cold Shoulder Sweater | 10. Quay Australia Cherry Bomb Sunglasses | 11. Madewell ‘The Transporter’ Weekender | 12. Banana Republic Belted Shawl Collar Blazer | 13. Free People Turnout Tie Capris | 14. Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Long-Wear Lip Colour in 162 Pensive | 15. Nike ‘Juvenate’ Mesh Sneaker in Grey | 16. Athleta Criss Cross Sweater   
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Fall Must Haves for Babies & Toddlers

Lately, I have found myself swooning over so many baby and toddler items for the autumn season that I couldn’t keep from sharing them with you all.  I actually find that most of them are actually more essentials (with the exception of one or two – and a cute fox) for the cooler weather – not to mention, the flu season.  So if you’re looking for any must have items for this fall or even winter, look to my Fall Favorites list for a beginner’s guide to surviving the season, while also making your babes look super cute ;).

1. Nordstrom Baby Footie | 2. Crane Air ‘Drop’ Humidifier | 3. Hudson Jeans Twill Pant | 4. Sperry Kids ‘Cruz Jr.’ Slip-On Boat Shoe | 5. Gap Baby Cozy Star Zip Hoodie (Sold Out 🙁 See jacket below!)| 6. Janie & Jack Quilted Herringbone Vest | 7. Star Cotton Sweater | 8. Earth Mama Angel Baby Calming Lavender Lotion | 9. Petit Bateau Embroidered Beanie | 10. Aden + Anais Flannel Muslin Blanket | 11. The Honest Company Mountain Deer Diapers (Get $20 off your first bundle HERE!) | 12. Tucker + Tate Tiered Ruffle Dress | 13. Heart Graphic Body Suit Set (Sold out 🙁 See similar style below!)| 14. Forest Flair Fox Stuffed Animal | 15. The Honest Company Breathe Easy Rub | 16. Classic Dot Moccasins in Cobblestone

If you’re curious why these are not only my favorite items at the moment, but why I also see them as Autumn staples, then feel free to read on… 

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Beachy and Clean; Nursery Wall Art

I couldn’t help but write a quick blog post about the beautifully, adorable prints I recently purchased on to hang above my son’s crib in his room.  There are literally thousands of gorgeous, fun, silly, dark, colorful, you-name-it pieces of art on the site from artists all over the country; from photography, typography, drawings to beautiful, foil-pressed art pieces, there are so many amazing things to choose from.


My style is relatively simple as it relates to my son’s room:  it’s beachy with a focus on being clean, elegant AND fun all at once.  Elegance in a little boy’s nursery?  Because isn’t your infant’s room or nursery really for you, anyway?  Come on.  I’ve focused on using grey and white backgrounds, with different hues of blue and driftwood-resembling elements, so when I sought after art to hang above his crib, I knew it needed to be all those colors mixed into one (or three different) piece(s).  

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