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My Guilty Sleep Tactic

I will start off by admitting that my children are on the WORST sleep routine ever and my husband reminds me of it every time he is off (work that is). I know he is right. I know he is as frustrated as am I. I need my mommy time, too. I have stuff to clean, clothes to fold, blogs to write, and I know deep down in my heart this would all be easier if my children went to sleep at a normal time. Sometimes I am so tired, I am just angry and irritable. I say to them “WHY?! WHY?! Can’t you just go to bed!?” and “Ugh, Please Lord let them go to sleep!” Sometimes tears form when I try the sleep tactics that don’t work for me, and I know that this is my fault.

I should be more consistent.

I am with dinner. I sit down with them every night at 6pm even if I haven’t made myself food and just talk to them.

I am with bath time. We get those bubbles going and start playing around 6:30pm. We always make time for a splash party.

I am with jammies. We usually chase each other around the house and laugh a lot.

I am with turning down the lights to set the bedtime mood around 7:20.

I am with books. I always give in with “one more, Mommy.”

I am with prayers. We always pray together.

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